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Non-Profit Bookkeeping

  • Is your current system meeting your funders’ requirements?
  • Are your board members getting the data that they need?
  • Are your funders releasing your funds in a timely manner?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above, call B&T Bookkeeping at 510.528.8411 for a complimentary consultation to learn how they can help your Non-Profit with ongoing bookkeeping, a one-time audit or by being a liaison to your funders to expedite the release of funds.

B&T has experience meeting the needs of a range of funders including:

  • City of Berkeley
  • City of Oakland
  • Alameda County
  • Food Bank
  • Medicare & Medical
  • County Foster Care
  • Calworks and more.

B & T Bookkeeping offers a range of services including the production of the following reports:

  • Statement of Financial Position - balances of your assets and liabilities as of a specific date.
  • Statement of Financial Income and Expense - reports how much money brought in versus money spent within a specific period.
  • Statement of Functional Expense (990) - Detailed listing of expenses within a specific period.
  • Budget vs Actual by Program/Project - Comparison of funds spent to budget plan.

Bookkeeping for a nonprofit must document the proper collection, disbursement, and control of all money received by the organization within each of its individual funds.

One important difference in nonprofit bookkeeping is that FASB (The Financial Accounting Standards Board) requires nonprofits to break out revenues and expenses for certain activities. Often donations and/or grants have restrictions on how the receipts can be used. Revenues that have been received or promised and have constraints of use or time are restricted assets and are posted to balance sheet accounts until such time the constraints are met. For example a fund raising event may be instituted to raise money to build a new wing for a hospital. These funds when received would be restricted by use. They could not be used or co-mingled with other hospital revenues.